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At Base we operate and own 10 excavators ranging from 1.8 Tonne to 35 Tonne machines to undertake the various jobs we undertake.

All our excavators are Komatsu a trusted brand we have been associated since our conception in 2007. 

Our excavators are serviced by our internal mechanic and the Komatsu field service team. To ensure we have the best gear we review and replace our machines regularly.

Included in our fleet is the Hybrid 21 Tonne Excavator a groundbreaking Komatsu excavator which is unrivalled in fuel efficiency and helping with our commitment to the environment. One of our three 20 Tonne excavators is fitted with GPS – the way of the future for cut and fill excavation. We are currently looking to install another GPS unit in a second excavator.  As well as the excavators we have a number of attachments used to make our machines multipurpose these include rock breakers, compacting heads, trenching buckets, mulching heads and augers.

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At Base we have five six wheeled trucks, one 8 wheeled truck a transporter, Tipulator and many smaller sized trucks which make up the transport side of the business. 

The variety and size of trucks means we can undertake a wide array of jobs from delivering small quantities of topsoil to landscaping projects, carting and spreading large amounts of gravel for roading jobs or transporting our plant and machinery around the district.

Our road trucks operate on the Teletrac NAVMAN. 


Small Plant & Utilities

Accessory Equipment

The varied works we undertake means we have a wide range of accessory equipment to work alongside our excavators and trucks. 

Small Equipment

  • Lasers and clegg hammer

  • Cable locators

  • Electrofusion welder

  • Various excavator attachments 

Medium Equipment

  • Utiliy vehicles and trailer units

  • Reverse plate compactors/ foot compactors

  • Telehander/forklifts 

Large Equipment

  • Komatsu WA 380 Loader 

  • One 4 Tonne Roller and One 10 Tonne Roller

  • 5000 Litre Water Cart

  • John Deere Tractor

Plant and Machinery

At Base we strive to have the best plant and machinery and take pride in the equipment we use and operate on a daily basis. All machinery is fit for purpose and to the current regulatory standards . We have an internal mechanic who along with specialist advice ensures the safe and optimal workings of all plant and machinery.

All staff have a responsibility to ensure plant is operational and safe, daily pre start checklists are completed by all daily.

We are always seeking out the best gear for the jobs we undertake and have recently invested in new excavators and heavy trucks.


Our transport sector is one of the newest in the Central Otago region and for the second year in a row we have been awarded a 5 star operator rating from NZTA.

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