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Resource Infrastructure

Base Contracting have proved themselves more than capable of working within a complex resource infrastructure environment ensuring adherence to strict safety protocols and complex planning procedures

Linear Construction Projects

Base Contracting have extensive experience working in linear construction projects for the resources sector. With the planning and coordination skills to complete these challenging projects effectively, they can deploy staff and machinery at the right time, to the right segment of construction so that work can be safely carried out on these challenging sites.

Completed projects include power supply cabling up into a ski field and the installation of high voltage cabling for Peak Power.

Resource Infrastructure Upgrades

Resource Infrastructure upgrades can be highly detailed projects requiring specialist knowledge and skills.  Base Contracting have the experience and certification to work in close contact live line environments as well as handle the demolition, excavation and site development works.  The Transfield Electrical Upgrade project proved that Base Contracting has the capability and accreditation in place to excel at these difficult infrastructure projects.

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