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The Views Subdivision

Client:   SouthRoads       Client Ref:   Q1530 

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Contract Description

Base contracted by SouthRoads undertook the initial earthworks and the reticulated service work for the subdivision. Base completed the cut and fill of the playground at the bottom of the subdivision, a major project which required huge amount of material and machinery.

Extensive earthworks were required to cut in the main road to the subdivision and the other roads around the area. Drilling and blasting was required in areas of hard rock.

Base were contracted to install a 1 km PE water line comprised of a 280 high pressure rising main and a 250m falling main. The water main was put together with Electrofusion couplers . Installing the waterline in the steep terrain was a real challenge to the team though Murray Forward ran this part of the project and shared his knowledge with younger members of the drainage team.

The Base team also completed a retaining wall made of over 300 Gabion baskets.

The subdivision has magnificent views over Lake Wakatipu to the Remarkables. It was the view that kept our team in full spirits working through the hard winter months.

Base staff

Michael Stroud, Stephen Cook, Jeremy Heath, Murray Forward

Subcontractors used

  • Central Drainlaying

  • CFM Surveyors and Engineers

  • RJ Brown Sam Brown Concrete Cutting and Drilling

  • Alpine Drilling

Suppliers used

  • Chesters Plumbing

Health & Safety

Regular liaison and meetings between all sub contractors involved on the project.

Regular audits were undertaken by SouthRoads and Base Contracting with excellent compliance. Base workers undertook the SouthRoads induction prior to working on the site.

Further Notes 

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