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Millbrook Stage 3C

Client:   Signal Group        Client Ref:  Q1476

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Contract Description

1.5 km of stormwater, wastewater, water & 3 km of power, telecommunications, gas, reticulated services and 18 manholes for a 15 lot subdivision at Millbrook West.  Deep blasted rock (500 m3) for the services and winter conditions made the project challenging and health & safety focused.  All backfilling was fully engineered and certified.  

A further stage of the Millbrook Country Club’s residential housing development comprising 15 top end sections overlooking the new ‘Coronet 9’ golf course expansion.  

Base tendered and won the reticulated services contract for this stage of the club’s expansion (following on from the 3B reticulated services contract by Base).

A high quality finish through deep rocky terrain made the project challenging yet rewarding with good profile and further Millbrook relationship development.

Base staff

Julian Kinnaird, Garry Croy

Subcontractors used

  • Central Drainlaying

  • Central Testing

  • Alpine Drilling

Suppliers used

  • Mico 

  • Hynds 

  • Fulton Hogan

Health & Safety

No incidents or issues

Further Notes 


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