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Coronet Peak Road Rehabilitation

Client:  The Roading Company (for Queenstown Lakes District Council)  Job Number: Q362 

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Contract Description

Coronet Peak Road is an 8km section of sealed road climbing from the Wakatipu basin to the Coronet Peak Ski field and Skippers areas.  The upper road is alpine in environment.  The Roading Company subcontracted Base to undertake the site clearance, earthworks, and drainage for Queenstown Lakes District Council upgrade of a section of this road.

  • 2.3 km of shape correction & re-surfacing of a lower portion of Coronet Peak Road – Queenstown.

  • Base undertook the drainage improvements to culverts, 400m of new subsoil drainage, earthworks, cut to fill,

  • Import to fill and service relocation.  Approx 1,000 m3 of earthworks/fill/cut.

  • The Roading Company undertook all pavement & surfacing works.

Base staff running job involved

Nathan Clark, Neal Green, Terry Roughan

Subcontractors used


Suppliers used

  • Fulton Hogan gravel supplies

  • Hynds – pipes & drainage

Health & Safety

No issues or concerns in projects

Further Notes 

MWH were Queenstown Lakes District Council’s engineer to this contract.

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