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Malaghans Road Rehabilitation

Client:  Fulton Hogan (for Queenstown Lakes District Council)    Job Number: Q1137 

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Contract Description

Malaghans Road is a main local body arterial road between Arrowtown & Queenstown running under Coronet Peak.  Sections of this road are upgraded periodically by Queenstown Lakes District Council to also incorporate cycle & horse traffic.  Fulton Hogan subcontracted Base to undertake all site clearance, earthwork to sub-base, drainage & finishing works.

  • Earthworks cut to waste 3,800 m3

  • Import to fill 5,500 m3

  • Drainage works $75,000 

  • Topsoiling & re-grassing 740 m2 

  • Culvert extension 150m + 18m x 1500mm culverts 

  • Foam bitumen stabilisation – Fulton Hogan

Base staff

Zane Henderson

Subcontractors used

  • Tricky Trees

  • Central Testing Services 

Suppliers used

  • Hynds

  • Fulton Hogan

Health & Safety

No incidents – intensive traffic control & temporary lights.

Further Notes 

Queenstown Lakes District Council engineer was M.W.H - Iain Banks

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