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Potters Hill/The Tiers Roading Development Queenstown

Base Job Number: Q1402-1410    Client Ref:  9074-2014-A/B 

Porters Job Details

Contract Description

Over 18 months Base have worked with the developer (building high end apartments) and clients (siteworks to allow buildings) to transition a very steep & challenging site into high value urban house sites.

  • Extensive earthworks, roading, reticulated & utility services for 17 lot multi unit apartments on steep rocky site. 

  • 600m – 300mm PE water line 

  • Drainage works on S.H. 6A & thrust bores under

Base staff

Mike Stephenson, Murray Forward, Jeremy Heath, Michael Stroud

Subcontractors used

  • Fulton Hogan – kerbing, pavement construction, asphalt surfacing, concrete works & footpaths

  • Central Drainlaying

Suppliers used

  • Fulton Hogan Quarries

  • Mico 

  • Hynds 

  • Chesters

  • Dennison Stone

Health & Safety

No issues or concerns in projects

Further Notes 

Base Contracting & Fulton Hogan bid together initially for the first stage of the development.  Rates were then Negotiated again with the clients to continue to construct stage 2 and potentially stage 3 (2016)

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