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Potters Hill/The Tiers Roading Development Queenstown

Client:  NZSki     Client Ref:  New job number annually

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Contract Description

The Remarkables Skifield run by NZSki is in the Queenstown basin.  It is a high Alpine field with a 14km gravel access road (currently being sealed to the 9km mark).  Base maintains and grades the road in summer months, and clear snow for skier access during the winter months.

  • Annual winter snow clearing of 14km access road to ensure skier vehicle access, using graders, loaders & snow plows.  Mid June  - mid September 

  • Access road maintenance annually September – May.  Grading, metalling, drainage, retaining, slip clearance, earthworks, guard railing.

Base staff

Neal Green, Dan Payne, Garry Croy, Jed McKenzie, Michael Stroud

Subcontractors used

  • Fulton Hogan Quarries, Shotover & Parkburn

Suppliers used

  • Simon Waldron

  • Clarke Machine Hire

  • CSP Pacific

  • Hynds

  • Mico

  • Stoney Creek – Scope

Health & Safety

As below – no serious harm or major plant incidents of note.

Further Notes 

Base have undertaken this contract works since 2007 – 9 years without any serious harm to staff or public, and without any serious plant incident.  High alpine environment.  In 2016 9.5km of the road will have been sealed by Fulton Hogan. 

Snow plows on utes will be used also on the 2016 →  contracts, over the sealed sections.

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