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Arrowtown Fuel Depot

Client:  Mansfield Installations Ltd       Client Ref:  Q1496 

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Contract Description

Excavation of 1,100 m3 of site material to a depth of 4.0 m to allow the installation of two large in ground fuel tanks and on-site stormwater pads.  Base installed the reticulated pipeworks and services with Mansfield Installations and backfilled /fabric wrapped with approx. 750 m3 of drainage gravel.

In the centre of Arrowtown a small piece of commercial land was transformed into a small self service fuel station by RD Petroleum.  Base tendered for the excavation, backfill, tank & services installation and site finishing through Mansfield Installations and commenced works in September 2015.  The site was very public, and very challenging to work in but the job was very successful and was good for Base’s local profile.

Base staff

Zane Henderson, Gordy Gibb

Subcontractors used

  • ‘The Builders’ – for civil & site finishing works

  • Geosolve – geotechnical engineers

Suppliers used

  • Cirtex Industries

  • Fulton Hogan

  • Scope Resources

Health & Safety

No issues or incidents

Further Notes 

Sheet piling was initially required in the tender.  Base offered an alternative of steep construction batters & geotech monitoring which worked well.

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